Roger Resler is an author, media producer and researcher. Roger’s background is Christian radio and audio production. He has been an announcer, DJ, news, commercial and promotion producer, production director, account executive and station manager for several radio stations in three states. He was also an audio editor for Focus On the Family.

In 2003 Roger began producing his own audio books under the company name Truth In Depth Productions. His audio books have been featured nationally on the radio programs Bible Answer Man with Hank Hanegraaff and Out of Mormonism with Andy Poland.

In 2011 a publisher asked Roger to produce a book version of his audio book entitled Compelling Interest and that book was released with an updated audio book in the fall of 2012.

Roger resides with his family in Phoenix, Arizona.

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  1. Dear Roger – I am listening to the various radio shows produced promoting the work of Compelling Interest – fantastic – I am planning to air these interviews on our local Catholic Radio Station in Oregon and SW Washington. God Bless you for your Yes for Life!

    • Hi Philip. Looks like you have a wealth of information at your site. It also looks like we’ve independently examined the same evidence and arrived at the same conclusion. Roe v. Wade is a glaring example of the worst our legal system is capable of producing; equaled only by Dred Scott v. Sanford in it’s blatant disregard for the value of human life. – All the best.

  2. Hi Roger – I just finished Compelling Interest on audiobook. I am deeply grateful for the hard work that you put into it – I cannot imagine how many hours it took to complete this. The oral arguments were very helpful to listen to and I really appreciated hearing from all of the interviews that you conducted. I will be recommending this book to many people. The military general analogy that you gave was spot on and I now feel even better prepared to engage in discussions on this topic.


    • Hi Chris:

      Thanks for the kinds words! It’s great to hear that people continue to get something out of the book/audiobook. Yes, it did take quite a few hours to complete! Actually, the work was done over several years. Since my background is radio I originally produced it as an audio-documentary. The fact that the original Roe v. Wade oral arguments were recorded in audio format made it the perfect medium. A few years after the original audio book was completed, a new publisher suggested that I produce a book version for the then upcoming Roe v. Wade 40th Anniversary. So that’s when I made a few updates and added new material.

      As far as the General analogy goes, I originally thought it hit the mark pretty well – until I came across an even better one, written by another Roger. I liked his analogy so much I wrote a blog post about it. You can read it here.

      I refined it a bit in a recent post in the (long!) comment section on the very popular Dr. Seuss post here.

      I think this analogy is particularly effective because it illustrates why the classic pro-abortion “it’s my body” argument doesn’t work.

      All the best,


  3. Roger,

    I came across your book on Amazon today while I was checking on my own, which has almost the same title, in my case, Compelling Interests, and the same subject matter, abortion. A revised edition of the paperback has just been published with the Kindle due out Jan. 12.

    My book, however, is a (thinly-fictionalized) novel, set against the background of the history of abortion in American since the 1940s.. Although I am STRONGLY pro-life–I wrote the biography of Gianna Jessen for Focus on the Family (1995, 2011), multiple articles in magazines and major metropolitan newspapers over 40 years, participated in sidewalk counseling, walks for life and sit-ins–I tried to alternate viewpoints.

    As the sub-title says, I attempted to get inside the hearts of people on both sides so they will listen to each other. We need to hear the passion of those with unwanted pregnancies (and for the most part I think we do) and they need to hear not only the truth of what they are doing but that we care about them and offer real choice.

    So I wrote this book my brother calls “the War and Peace of the abortion battle.” He also says it is like putting Mexican and Chinese food in the same bowl. Maybe it is not palatable to either.

    But I did it, I believe it was God who led me to do it and I believe it is important. Yours, the actual documents and interviews, is VERY important, of course, and as I hope to read yours, I would like you to read and give me an opinion of mine (a Supreme Court justice who ruled on Roe v. Wade is a major character; he has the opportunity–“sometime in the 21st century–” to overrule himself. An aide for Justice White said it “sounded just like” his boss.)

    May I send you a copy? (If so, I’ll need to know where to send it.)

    Wishing you God’s very best,
    Jessica (Shaver) Renshaw

    • Hi Jessica:

      Thank you for contacting me! I would love to receive a copy of your book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Gianna Jessen’s amazing story. Stories like her’s and Melissa Ohden’s are incredibly powerful. I remember hearing Gianna speak at a pro-life rally in Kansas way back in the 1990’s. There had been pro-choice hecklers doing their best to disrupt the rally all day but when Gianna got up to speak – then only around 15 or 16 – they packed up en masse and went home. We listened to Gianna speak without any further heckling.

      As I’m sure your book details, there are deep emotions on both sides of this debate. I will email you my contact information and I look forward to reading it. Thank you!

      All the best,


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